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Emily A., 39

“My Story”

       I am a 39 year old mom.  I also struggle with addiction.  This horrible disease had such a stronghold on me that my two boys who mean everything to me were taken from my custody.  I am a recovering heroin and cocaine addict who fully surrendered and started to trust God.  I was in Reflections when this transformation took place.  I read my Bible and devotionals daily there and prayed a lot.  I was to go to another place but after some of the girls from Immaculata Home came in and did a presentation, God spoke to me and told me I was to go there too.

        The Immaculata Home has changed my life!  The 8am morning Devotionals set up my day.  I love getting in tune with the Holy Spirit first thing in the morning.  As I go about my day I can feel God move through me in everything I do.  I really look forward to our Walking the 12 Steps with Jesus Christ study on Tuesdays and my talks with Tim on Wednesday.  I feel that I have formed good, healthy, relationships with all the women at the house.  We all have something to offer and it is nice because I usually do not get along with women.  I have got back into the church.  You see I have always been a woman who never cursed God.  I have known it was because I wanted to do “my will” and not His will that my life was a mess.

      Not only am I a mom but I am also a wife.  I love my husband dearly, but I am willing to leave my marriage if my husband cannot walk down the path I am on.  I am working on getting my children back and the visits with them are going well.  They see a change in me.  My mother is so PROUD of me and has no idea what happened but is just “going with it”.  I know in the future I want to continue to be a part of Immaculata Home and I also know that no matter what, as long as I do the next right thing everything will fall into place according to the Lord’s will.  I am so grateful and feel so blessed to be a part of this home!

Laura T., 48

        I was in Albion Correctional Facility for 2 ½ years in 3 flat 3 past sentence.  It was just past my 2-year mark when a message got to me that my house was being sold at an auction for taxes.  I don’t have the family to ask for help with this issue.  I’ve owned my own house free and clean since 2009.  In August the house was sold and the person who bought the house had it torn down.  I remember it being a Friday morning about 7:30 when an officer told me about the house being gone.  I was a mess, cried for hours.

That’s when I finally gave up.  I wrote a letter to God saying I was done.  I have no more fight left in me.  And if He could put His arms around me because I don’t want to be alone anymore.

        I was seeing a lady at the Transitional Services.  They help you find somewhere to go, counselling if needed, food pantries, and even school. KiKi (the lady) said I just found out about this new home for women fresh out of prison.  I took a look and instantly knew that place was for me.  I filled out an application waited about a month and I finally get the accepting letter.

          The day I got out of prison I really didn’t have much of anything.  One pair of pants, 1 pair of sneakers, a few white t-shirt.  But I felt rich, my 3 kids were there with open arms.

After checking in at parole and talking to the kids.  They took me to my new place where I was gonna be staying.  Every time I think about that day I get all teared up.

I walk threw the door and there was a big sign, big balloons.  The sign said, “Welcome Home Penny”.  Never would I feel like my name and home sound so good together.  The ladies come running with their arms wide open.  Amazing!

       Since that day I have learned so much because Immaculata Home.  I truly do feel like I’m home.  When I was always calling the other place the house.  I am part of a family.  I have 6 sibling that I haven’t seen in years.  But now I am part of a family.  A safe family.  I went through a lot of abuse.  I don’t get any of that here.  For the first time in all my life I feel safe.  The Lord, He is all around us to help us in anyway we need.  I’m not alone, even when everyone has something to do.  And I’m home by myself.  I’m not alone.  Jesus is with me.

Now when my kids look at me I can see how proud they are of me, they know I’m in a beautiful home and I have great family who loves me for me.  I need nothing, I have beautiful clothes and shoes, big comfy bed, the home is just so beautiful and dreamy.  Everyday I learn more and more of what the Lord has planned for me.

Chaplain Kesterson what can I say.  I love being near her, the love and warm that she gives us ladies is just so inviting, so unconditional.  She truly wants nothing nut the best for us ladies.  She makes sure every time she is around us that we know we are worth something, the Lord loves us and best of all she loves us.  I was, no I thought I was a confident woman before.  I wasn’t I was covering and I used it as a shield so I wouldn’t get hurt.

      But every time I’m around Chaplain Kesterson she builds me up one brick at a time.  For me that is so powerful.  With her and the Lord on my side there isn’t anything I can’t do!  

My home-Immaculata Home.

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