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 Gina Garcia, our Program Director, provides a wonderful support to program participants.  She is an excellent resource and works closely with care managers and local service agencies to provide linkage to needed mental health and recovery services.  

Want to Donate with Purpose? May we suggest:

One hour of loving labor at our homeless shelter - give your hourly wage

Cook a hot meal for a visitor - $10.00

Give 10 women at our transitional home a warm night - $15.00

Leave us one month of laundry soap to wash our clothes - $20.00

Bring vegetable plants for the garden and cooking program - $25.00

Serve a welcome meal (10 people) for a new program participant - $40.00


Drive us one month back and forth for grocery shopping - $50.00


One month of lights and power in our faith-based home - $250.00

Give a year of unending office supplies - $1000.00


The amounts above are representative of how your donation will be purposed.

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